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Chapter 5 Learning Objectives

Chapter 5 Learning Objectives - What are four explanations...

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1. 1 Chapter 5: Body Rhythms and Mental States What is a circadian rhythm and how do the hypothalamus and hormones affect it? Is there any reliable evidence that moods can be affected by seasons, menstrual cycles, or testosterone? How many stages of non-REM sleep are there, and what characterizes each stage? Why is REM sleep different from non-REM sleep? How does the body cycle through the stages of sleep during a night?s rest? What are some of the consequences of a lack of sleep? What are some of the benefits of a good night?s sleep?
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Unformatted text preview: What are four explanations of the significance of dreaming? What are the differences between stimulants and depressants? What effects do opiates and psychedelic drugs have on human consciousness? How do drugs affect behavior at a physiological level? How do drugs affect behavior at a psychological level? What are six main conclusions that can be reached about the nature of hypnosis? What is the dissociation explanation of hypnosis? What is the sociocognitive explanation of hypnosis?...
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