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Essay 7 - sometimes called vicarious conditioning Mostly...

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1Aside from the fact that the children did not find it odd that the two men, Rocky and Johnny were playing with toys, the film showed Johnny who refused to share his toys, and Rocky who then responds by clobbering him. Rocky's aggressive actions are rewarded because he winds up with all the toys. Johnny ends up sitting in the corner, while Rocky walks off with a sack full of toys. After viewing the film, each child was left alone for twenty minutes. They were left in a playroom full of toys, many from the film. The researchers watched through a one - way mirror. The researchers found that the children were much more aggressive while playing, unlike children who were in a control group that had not watched the film. Some children imitated Rocky almost exactly, at the end of the session one girl even asked for a sack. Positive actions are also imitated. Observational learning is a process in which an individual learns new responses by observing the behavior of another rather than through direct experience; this is
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Unformatted text preview: sometimes called vicarious conditioning. Mostly what was learned about observational learning from Albert Bandura's experiment was that people mimic what they see, children are most prone to this. These findings are relevant to the ongoing debate of media violence and if it makes people behave more aggressively. Every time someone commits a shocking violent crime there is a public outcry about the acts of violence seen in the media. Studies show that the more exposure the more likely the person will be aggressive. Observational learning is also important because without it we would have to learn from experience. Learning would be inefficient and even dangerous in some cases. Parents and teachers would be constantly busy shaping behavior. Bosses would habe to stand over their employee's rewarding every little link in the complex behavioral chains of work....
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