Chapter 8 Learning Objectives

Chapter 8 Learning Objectives - behavior by individuals in...

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Chapter 8: Behavior in Social and Cultural Context 1. What are the distinctions between a norm, a role, and a culture? How does each shape social behavior? What are four reasons why people obey the commands of an authority figure? What is the difference between a situational attribution and a dispositional attribution, and how does the fundamental attribution error highlight this distinction? What are six conditions under which coercive persuasion should be effective? Under what circumstances is groupthink likely to occur? How do diffusion of responsibility and deindividuation each predict antisocial
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Unformatted text preview: behavior by individuals in a group? What are six situational factors that predict acting courageously in the face of opposition? What is ethnic identity, and how might it contribute to ethnocentrism? How do stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination differ from one another? What are three broad origins of prejudice? What are four ways of measuring prejudicial attitudes? What are four conditions that promote the reduction of prejudice and intergroup conflict?...
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