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BUS3110-NEDU/BIT/HK Online Management Fundamentals Spring 2012 David Herrmann, Executive in Residence/Senior Lecturer Becky Ma, Site Facilitator Office: B402 Hours: MWF, 10:30-12:00 or by appointment Phone: 435-797-2287 office 435-797-1091 fax Email: david.herrmann@usu.edu Course Description (from General Catalog): Overview of the role of management, and an introduction to leadership theory and practice. Includes defining of mission goals, organizing work, and managing human performance. Instructor’s Objective for the Students: Every organization is as complex and individual in nature as human beings. Indeed they are living entities made up of a mix of corporate culture, top management, and employees interacting with each other in a myriad of ways. Your success in an organization will depend on your ability to understand its nature and direct it, (or your portion of it), to success. Therefore, I will teach you proper theories and applications of: Planning Structure/Organizing Leadership/Motivation Monitoring/Control The concepts of projection, implementation, evaluation, and revision and how organizations deal with them will be covered. We will cover team building and communication as well. You will need to keep up on the reading assignments from the text listed below. Tutorials for each chapter will be available as a learning aide. I have posted outline notes from the text in the form of power point slides covering key text points. I have also posted edited weekly lecture audio files for you to listen to as well. (The first lecture is a couple of semesters old and references a memo that you will not receive). These audio files will be important for you to listen to as I will be adding my insights to the text. Most management texts are written in a “big business” format where management
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outline - BUS3110-NEDU/BIT/HK Online Management...

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