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Utah 5300 Week 02 [Compatibility Mode] - The Art of...

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Week 02 – Chapter 02 Basic Concepts in Noncooperative Game Theory 孫子兵法 , The Art of War (490B.C.) 夫未戰而廟算勝者,得算多也;未戰而廟算不勝者,得算少也。多 算勝,少算敗,況無算乎!吾以此觀之,勝負見矣。 在尚未作戰前,我方在廟堂中對敵我雙方的實力進行比較,其計算的 結果是勝過敵方的,我方得到的籌碼就多;其計算的結果是沒有勝過 敵方的,我方得到的籌 碼就少。籌碼多的取勝的機率大,籌碼少的失 敗的機率大,何況是沒有任何籌碼的呢!我用這個方法來觀察戰爭, 勝敗就已經顯現出來了啊 I you know the ememy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles, If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nore yourself, you will succcumb in every battle. Holmes Institute, 2008 2 Outline Introduction Normal form games Equilibrium concepts Sequential games Zero sum games Introduction Game theory studies how agents behave when their individual outcomes depend on the actions of the entire group. Examples: - Actual games (chess, checkers, tic-tac-toe) - Auctions - Foreign policy - Football - Ping-pong - Diplomacy Prisoner’s Dilemma Normal Form Games Definition: A normal form game is a tuple specifying Number of players N in Set I Ξ {1,2,……, N} Strategic Action set of player i, A i which is the set of all actions available to player i. A i ={a 1 i , a 2 i , ….a ki i} Payoff function of player π I
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Formulating a game without having the ability
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Utah 5300 Week 02 [Compatibility Mode] - The Art of...

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