Combining RFID and Biometrics For Security

Combining RFID and Biometrics For Security - Combining RFID...

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Combining RFID and Biometrics For Security Semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom now has a processor chip that requires fingerprint authorization to give up data on an integrated RFID tag. Other companies have also recently released what they call secure RFID chips . However, this is one of the first (if not the first) that integrates biometrics and RFID natively. This is different than the identification system used by the US Coast Guard at their facilities in Washington state and Washington, D.C. This system also uses both RFID and biometrics, but the two technologies are actually running independent of each other. The biometrics component allows access to various areas at the facilities, and the RFID smartcard component is acts as a redundancy check. RFID tags are also used on authorized vehicles to allow vehicle access. The Broadcom processor chip is a decided step forward in security for RFID applications because the biometrics and RFID work in tandem. If a fingerprint scan does not match one that's
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