IMAT 637 Midterm

IMAT 637 Midterm - Question 1. The decision to perform an...

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Question 1 . The decision to perform an acquisition is heavily influenced by how it relates to the strategic business goals of an organization. Explain why you think the acquisition you are detailing in your submitted Activities potentially supports the strategic business goals of your organization. The problem area that is being detailed is inefficiency in logging, assigning, tracking, escalating and communicating with the individual submitting the request for assistance. Acquiring a solution that will increase the areas outlined above will also increase the service the IT Help Desk provides to the campus community. Aligning the IT Help Desk with the goals of the university can prove difficult due to some idiosyncrasies found in higher education. Individual colleges on campus may operate as independent entities. IT can be caught in the middle of contradictory priorities at both the institutional and technology level. Unfortunately, IT considerations in higher education typically come as an afterthought. A sentence from Shawnee State’s Mission Statement reads, “Shawnee State University is committed to providing higher education that fosters competence in oral and written communication, scientific and quantitative reasoning, and critical analysis/logical thinking.” 1 IT is behind all of these facets. In fact, IT touches all aspects of a college from Admissions to Human Resources, Accounting to Security and of course Teaching and Learning. For this reason, IT is typically one of the largest investments, if not the largest, that a university will make each year. Since IT is a tool used to deliver literally every service at university, it only makes sense to see IT being used to track, analyze, and report on key performance indicators that can and will ultimately be used for funding.
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IMAT 637 Midterm - Question 1. The decision to perform an...

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