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Individual Assignment 2 ITEC640

Individual Assignment 2 ITEC640 - Individual Assignment 2...

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Individual Assignment 2 ITEC 640 – Spring 2009 DUE: 11:59PM EST, Wednesday February 25 You are to work individually on all individual assignments. Each assignment must include the following statement: This assignment is my own work. Any assistance I received in its preparation is acknowledged within the assignment, in accordance with academic practice. If I used data, ideas, words, diagrams, pictures, or other information from any source, I have cited the sources fully and completely in footnotes and bibliography entries. This includes sources which I have quoted or paraphrased. In adding my name following the word 'Signature', I intend that this certification will have the same authority and authenticity as a document executed with my hand-written signature. Signature _______ ____________ Individual Assignment # 2: Choose a company that sells a product or service on the Web. Using this Web site as a guide, develop the following (even though the application is already in existence). You may make assumptions where necessary, but be sure to document them.
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