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Question 1 . An important potential of information technology today is improving the health care system. a. Identify the technologies we covered so far that can be used to address this issue. b. Explain why you selected these technologies c. Describe how they can be applied. d. List issues and challenges that will occur as a result of applying these technologies and explain how to overcome their problems. A true opportunity information technology has to offer health care is by improving the quality at a lower cost. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is working to promote the use of technology to improve patient safety and to allow quick, reliable and secure access to information that promotes the best possible care across the health care system. Relational databases and a nationwide health information network will be used to enable clinicians access an always up-to-date Electronic Health Record (EHR) for a patient who has authorized it, regardless of when and where the patient receives care. The EHR would allow doctors or hospitals to immediately gather relevant information by computer network – such as test results, x-rays and medical history and clinical guidelines. The adoption of such a system will be slow and may have mixed results because if deployed incorrectly or without continuous improvements, the system can do just the opposite and lead to critical delays or mistakes. One large obstacle that must be resolved is the cultural roadblocks within organizations or the health care technology project will fail. If the system can overcome the cultural obstacles and deployed and maintained correctly this system will not only assist in patient safety and delivery of health care but will also provide a means to manage the ever-growing volume of medical information. No longer will this information be distributed across many sources but will now lie in one comprehensive location. A system such as the EHR can create many challenges with the first being patient privacy. Individual medical records must only be available to the providers that have a medical
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or hospital administrative need to access them. This will by far be the most challenging issue but with proper authentication tools and remaining current on security and privacy standards individual records should remain confidential. Another technology to assist in patient safety and satisfaction could be the use of Radio Frequency Identification. RFID is currently being used to track equipment throughout hospitals but this system could be used to track patients as well. Currently, the patient wears a bracelet that the provider must check and verify information before administering drugs or transporting. What if the provider could use RFID to check (will still need verbal verification)?
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ITEC_610_Mid-Term - Question 1 An important potential of...

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