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MID Term - Question 2 Performing a requirements analysis is...

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Question 2. Performing a requirements analysis is one of the first steps that one needs to take as part of the acquisition process. Using both your submitted problem and/or the example in Session 2 under the heading Example of Requirements Development identify some of the major problems that risk analysis development faces. Provide guidelines on how to overcome these problems. Once a problem has been identified the next step needs to be the creation of the integrated project team (IPT). The first task for the IPT will be to clearly define what the problem is then make sure that all stakeholders can agree that there is a lack in performance. One issue in having faced here by the IPT will be getting stakeholders to agree because some may be removed from a direct affect and may not see the problem actually exists. Members of the IPT will need to demonstrate how key performance indicators are not being met with hard data or even create
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