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SWEN603 Section 9041 Systems Engineering MidtermExam October 26, 2009 Name: Date: Course Name: SWEN 603 Section 9041 College: UMUC 1) Briefly identify and contrast a physical and conceptual system. Give an example of each. The physical system is one that has a physical form, contains various components and takes up space where conceptual systems contain symbols that represent the attributes of components. Example of a conceptual system will be the blueprints to construct a Secured Entry System where the actual Secured Entry System to be used in an example of a physical system. 2) Briefly identify and contrast a static and dynamic system. Give an example of each. A static system is one having structure without activity where a dynamic system combines structural components with activity. An example of a static system will be a bridge while a dynamic system example is a school, combining a building, students, teachers, books, and curricula. It is also worth noting that a system that is static or dynamic according to how it is viewed at the time. For instance, a bridge is a static system but in various periods of time the bridge is being built or maintained, which will make the system dynamic. 3) There are many ways of viewing a system. However, according to class materials, there are three views that are particularly useful. What are they? Operational (or Behavioral) View – This view describes the major phases of the mission the system must support and how the users, operators, and maintainers will interact with the objective system. Functional View -- Technical Requirements Specification and other documents describe the major functions of the system, and required/desired performance levels. Physical View – This view includes all the hardware, software for the system as well as the training that will be delivered to the users of the system. 4) Write the name of the applicable system view next to each item. a) Software -- Physical b) Hardware -- Physical c) Mission Needs Statement -- Organizational d) Operational Concepts Document -- Organizational e) Logistics -- Physical f) Statement of Work -- Functional g) System -- Physical h) Technical Requirements Specifications -- Functional i) Training -- Physical j) Contract -- Functional 1
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5) Write a short paragraph about some potential problems with strictly “top down”
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MTE - SWEN603 Section 9041 Systems Engineering MidtermExam...

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