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Review Final Exam WebTycho2

Review Final Exam WebTycho2 - DBST 651 Final Examination...

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DBST 651   Final Examination – Fall 2009  Name:      Daniel White              Date: December 2, 2009 1. Final exam is due no later than end of  Sunday December 6, 2009 11:59 PM EST. 2. Late submission - 10% penalty per day late up to five days after which zero credit is given. 3. This is an online (take-home) exam, there should not be any sort of interaction or collaboration  with class members in completing the exam 4. Originality and depth of analysis will be considered for grading 5. Responses should be well within the limits specified for each response 6. Make sure you make note for all your assumptions (if any) and show all steps in completing  your work.  7. Your responses should be submitted as a word document with filename including your first  initial of your first name and last name formatted – example PMentaFinal.doc and post the file  as an attachment in assignment folder for midterm exam. Please sign the following statement: Independent Work Statement I solemnly affirm, acknowledge and certify that my responses to this examination were completed without any contact with other persons during or before the examination. I pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any assistance on this examination and certify that the enclosed responses are solely my own work. Signed _____________________________ Date_______________________ PRINTED NAME___________________ Course __________________ Good Luck
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Part A (50 Points) Multiple Choice Questions Submit your responses to PART A in the following format: Q no: Response 1 2 3 4 1. When adding historical details to a relationship, typically the 1-M relationship is converted to an M-N relationship with an attribute. True False Typically involves changing 1-M relationship into an associate entity type and a pair of identity 1-M relationships. 2. In simple conditions, only rows in which the condition evaluates to false are excluded from the result set. True False Rows evaluating to false or null are discarded pg 320 3. When null values exist in one of the columns in a simple condition, it is possible that those rows will not appear in the result of either the simple condition or its negation. True False pg 321
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Review Final Exam WebTycho2 - DBST 651 Final Examination...

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