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Lecture 7-1 A. Self-Determination Theory I. Contends that people can be motivated because they value an activity or because there is strong external coercion. (intrinsically or extrinsically) II. Some conditions that may determine our motivation are: 1. Social environment 2. Psychological needs (perception) B. Self-Determination Theory: Psychological Needs I. Ones motivation orientation is determined by the level of satisfaction of three innate psychological needs: 1. Competence: the level of mastery one perceives or a sense of being effective in one's interactions with the environment 2. Autonomy: the degree to which one is in control of one's actions or the opportunity for choice in participation 3. Relatedness: the degree to which one feels a sense of “belongingness and connectedness with others” II. As satisfaction increases, so too does the level of intrinsic motivation
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Unformatted text preview: III. Self-determination theory proposes that people have different orientations or styles of motivation in any given context C. Motivation Styles 1. Intrinsic: individuals engage in activities for their own sake and out of a like for the activity 2. Extrinsic: individuals engage in activities for instrumental or other reasons, such as receiving a reward, pressure, punishment (avoidance) D. Motivation Continuum 1. Deci and Ryan have proposed a continuum of motivation to further expand the breakdown of motivation types. E. Hierarchical Model I. Global level: social factors are the highest level of the hierarchy II. Contextual level: context you find yourself in determines your motivation III. Situational level: attainment of a flow state is in the situation at that moment...
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