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Physics 2212 Homework 2 (due: February 10) 1. It is 175 cm from your eyes to your toes. You’re standing 300 cm in front of a tall mirror. Haw far is it from your eyes to the image of your toes? 2. A diamond is under water. A light ray enters one face of the diamond, then travels at an angle of 30 0 with respect to the normal. What was the ray’s angle of incidence on the diamond? 3. An underwater diver sees the sun 50 0 above the horizontal. How high is the sun above the horizon to a fisherman in a boat above the diver? 4. A cylindrical tank is 50 ft deep, 39.5 ft in diameter, and filled up to the top with water. A flashlight shines into the tank from above. What minimum angle can its beam make with the water surface if the beam is to illuminate part of the bottom? 5. A 180-cm-tall diver is standing completely submerged on the bottom of a swimming pool full of water. You are sitting on the end of the diving board, almost directly over the diver. How tall does the diver appear to be? 6. To a fish in an aquarium, the 5-mm-thick walls appear to be only 4-mm-think. What is
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