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Response Paper 1 Guidelines

Response Paper 1 Guidelines - Response Paper#1 Religious...

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Response Paper #1 Religious Studies 2001 - Introduction to World Religions Fall 2011 I. Purpose of the Assignment The first paper assignment will be to summarize a secondary source text by a theorist and identify its key elements. Students should summarize the author’s argument or thesis and any supporting details that are vital to that argument or thesis. If available, include a summary of the author’s conclusion. Essentially you are being asked to identify and put into your own words the focus of a secondary source text. Being able to identify and articulate other authors’ writings will help you determine their relevance to primary texts (and other data) as well as their relationship to the larger themes of the course. II. A. Length: 1 page, double-spaced, 12 point font, 400-500 words B. Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, etc., (i.e., well-written). C. Response papers must include at least one properly cited relevant
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