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Response Paper 2 Guidelines

Response Paper 2 Guidelines - Response Paper#2 Religious...

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Response Paper #2 Religious Studies 2001 - Introduction to World Religions Fall 2011 I. Purpose of the Assignment The second paper assignment is to summarize a theorist’s arguments and analyze a primary source by applying the theorist to your understanding of the text. You must discuss a theorist we have already discussed in class but one you did not summarize in your first response paper. This assignment requires you 1) to identify the theorist(s) who best illuminate major themes of the text, 2) to apply that theory to a primary source, and 3) to support your application through direct and indirect citations of both texts. II. A. Length: 500-700 words, doubled spaced. B. Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, etc., (i.e., well-written). C. Response paper must include properly cited direct and indirect quotations. D. You must turn in a response paper at any time before the class discussion of the primary text reading. E.
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