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Chapter 1 Quiz Questions - Chapter 1 Quiz Questions 1 A...

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Chapter 1 Quiz Questions 1. A ____ network is confined to a relatively small space. a. MAN b. LAN c. WAN d. NAN 2. Often, separate LANs are interconnected and rely on several ____ running many different applications and managing resources other than data. a. workstations b. servers c. stand-alone computers d. clients 3. What is the primary function of a file server on a network a. It manages access and use of shared applications and data. b. It monitors how many users are logged on to a WAN. c. It routes traffic between two or more LANs. d. It prevents unauthorized remote users from connecting to a LAN. 4. Which of the following is an example of a network management service? a. a. Alerting the network administrator when a critical connectivity device fails b. Supplying users with file transfer capabilities over the Internet c. Managing the queue of print jobs during periods of heavy network traffic d. Establishing permissions for users and groups of users to access certain applications on the server 5. ____ are the distinct units of data that are exchanged between nodes on a network. a. Data packets b. Protocols c. Segments d. Topologies 6. A ____ network connects clients and servers from multiple buildings. a. MAN b. NAN c. WAN d. TAN 7. Distributing data transfer activity equally over several devices or components belongs to which category of network management services? a. Asset management b. File and print services c. Traffic monitoring d. Load balancing 8. Which type of service supports e-mail? a. Access b. communications c. file d. management 9. A ____ is a specialized device that allows multiple networks or multiple parts of one network to connect and exchange data. a. connectivity device b. node c. segment d. host 10. Dependability is a characteristic of ____. a. soft skills b. network communications c. technical skills d. network servers 11. Suppose you wanted to share documents among several computers in your household in a peer-to-peer fashion. You could do that by properly configuring which of the following types of software? a. Desktop operating system
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Chapter 1 Quiz Questions - Chapter 1 Quiz Questions 1 A...

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