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Chapter 2 quiz questions

Chapter 2 quiz questions - 1 is the process of...

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1. ___ is the process of reconstructing segmented data. a. Realigning b. Resegmenting c. Reassembly d. Reengineering 2. Which OSI model layer generates and detects voltage so as to transmit and receive signals carrying data? 3. Which Data Link sublayer manages flow control? 4. What are the sublayers of the Data Link layer as defined in the IEEE 802 standards? 5. If the TCP protocol did not receive an acknowledgment for data it transmitted, what would it do? a. Issue a warning frame to tell the recipient it would retransmit the data if it did not receive the acknowledgement within a certain time frame b. Retransmit the data to the recipient c. Reestablish the connection with the recipient d. Issue its own acknowledgement, indicating to the recipient that it did not receive the acknowledgement it expected 6. You have just installed a new NIC in your computer and see the following stamped on it 000A5E1A8DA2. This unique identifier is an example of what kind of address?
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