Chapter 5 quiz questions

Chapter 5 quiz questions - Chapter 5 quiz questions 1. WANs...

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Chapter 5 quiz questions 1. WANs typically send data over ____ available communications networks. a. individually b. publicly c. privately d. serially 2. ____ virtual computing allows a user on one computer, called the client, to control another computer, called the host or server, across a network connection. a. Network b. Open c. Random d. Remote 3. What technique does T1 technology use to transmit multiple signals over a single telephone line? a. Wave division multiplexing b. Time division multiplexing c. Amplitude modulation d. Frequency modulation 4. Where on the PSTN would you most likely find a DSLAM? a. In a border router b. In a remote switching facility c. At the demarc d. In a CSU/DSU 5. SONET’s extraordinary ____ results from its use of a double- ring topology over fiber-optic cable. a. low cost b. fault tolerance c. throughput d. latency 6. The speed of a T-carrier depends on its ____ level. a. signal b. traffic c. channel d. hierarchy 7. A local bookstore that belongs to a nationwide chain needs a continuously available Internet connection so that staff can search for the availability of customer requests in the database stored at the bookstore’s headquarters. The maximum throughput the store needs is 768 Kbps. Which of the following options would best suit the store? a. Four channels of a T1 b. BRI ISDN c. X.25 d. ADSL 8. ISDN PRI uses ____ B channels and one 64-Kbps D channel. a. 32 b. 23 c. 12 d. 10 9. Which two of the following are asymmetrical versions of DSL? a. ADSL and VDSL b. SDSL and FDSL c. HDSL and SDSL d. ADSL and FDSL 10. What sets ATM apart from Ethernet is its ____ size. a. variable packet b. frame c. fixed packet d. channel 11. ____ is an updated, digital version of X.25 that also relies on packet switching. a. DSL b. Frame relay c. ISDN d. ATM 12. You have decided to set up a VPN between your home and your friend’s home so that you can run a private digital telephone line over your DSL connections. Each of you has purchased a small Cisco router for terminating the VPN endpoints. Which of the following protocols could you use to create a tunnel between these two routers? a. L2TP b. PPTP c. SLIP d. PP2T 13. Suppose you establish a home network and you want all three of your computers to share one broadband cable connection to the Internet. You decide to buy a router to make this sharing possible. Where on your network should you install the router? a. Between the cable modem and the workstations b. Attach to one of the end workstations c. Attached to a server that’s connected to the cable drop d. Between the cable modem and the cable drop 14. What technique enables DSL to achieve high throughput over PSTN lines? a. Uniform framing b. Message switching c. Data modulation d. Packet switching 15. You work for an Internet service provider that wants to lease a T3 over a SONET ring. What is the minimum Optical Carrier level that the SONET ring must have to support the bandwidth of a T3? a. OC14
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Chapter 5 quiz questions - Chapter 5 quiz questions 1. WANs...

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