chapter 1 quiz questions

chapter 1 quiz questions - 1. A _ is a device that can...

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1. A ____ is a device that can present output to a user. A: smart phone screen B: printer C: computer monitor D: all of the above 2. The set of instructions that directs a computer to perform tasks is called a ____. A: GUI B: computer program C: computer hardware D: CPU 3. A user typing a number on a keyboard is an example of ____. A: GUI B: logical operations C: input D: output 4. The GUI usually consists of a window, containing a variety of objects, that can be displayed on ____. A: a computer monitor B: a PDA screen C: a mobile phone screen D: all of the above 5. A database application is written using ____ to reference, access, display, and update data stored in the database. A: ASP.NET 4.0 B: ADO.NET 4.0 C: VB.NET 2010 D: ASO.VB 2010 6. Most Visual Basic 2010 programs are ____ programs that communicate with the user through a GUI. A: event-driven B: object-class C: condition-driven D: ADO 7. The process of translating a program is called program ____. A: class B: instantiation C: syntax D: compilation 8. A set of symbols and words that can be interpreted by special computer software and eventually can be executed instructions is called a(n) ____. A: GUI B: event C: programming language D: operation 9. A button created from a class is called a(n) ____ of a class. A: sub class B: instance C: library D: .NET 10. A computer program is designed and developed by people known as ____. A: programmers B: staff C: managers D: technicians 11. The software environment in which programs can be developed for .NET is called the ____. A: .NET 2010
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chapter 1 quiz questions - 1. A _ is a device that can...

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