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chapter 2 quiz questions

chapter 2 quiz questions - 1 A(n is the window you use to...

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1. A(n) ____ is the window you use to build a program and will be displayed on your screen when you execute the program. A: Element B: Toolbox C: Windows Form object D: work area 2. A blue snap line indicates that an object is ____ another object. A: aligned vertically with B: the same size as C: touching D: overlapping 3. The naming convention that uses capital letters at the beginning of each word in the name is called ____. A: .NET B: Standard Form C: Camel Case D: Times New Roman 4. In the program development life cycle, the process of changing and updating programs is called ____. A: coding B: editing C: use case D: program and system maintenance 5. You can use the ____ menu to make GUI objects the same size. A: Toolbar B: Size C: Format D: View 6. You use the ____ window to view the properties for an object. A: View B: Forms C: Object D: Properties 7. Which of the following is a step in the program development life cycle? A: Code the program B: Design the user interface C: Test the program D: all of the above 8. The default font for a Label object is ____. A: 8 point B: 10 point C: 16 point D: 18 point 9. You use the ____ button to display the Toolbox. A: Toolbox B: Open C: Display D: Format 10. To ensure that a Button object is large enough for text, set the ____ property to True. A: MakeFit B: AutoFit C: MaxSize D: AutoSize 11. When the mouse pointer is over a ____, it changes to a two-headed arrow that indicates you can drag to change the size of the Windows Form object. A: sizing handle B: window C: snap line D: drag line 12. A ____ is a sequence of actions a user will perform when using a program.
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