chapter 3 quiz questions

chapter 3 quiz questions - 1 Use the key to move the...

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1. Use the ____ key to move the insertion point to the next line in the coding window. A: ENTER B: NEXT C: INSERT D: all of the above 2. The ____ property controls whether an object is displayed on the Windows Form object. A: Visible B: Load C: Image D: Display 3. In the following code statement, what part identifies the object name: picStandardRoom.Visible = True A: picStandardRoom B: . (dot) C: Visible D: = (equal sign) 4. The ____ property specifies the image that should be displayed in the selected PictureBox object. A: Visible B: Picture C: Image D: Object 5. The ____ window identifies the number of errors that occurred and displays a description of the error detected. A: Debug B: IntelliSense C: Error List D: Event-Handler 6. The ____ of an object is the color that is displayed in its background. A: BackColor B: ForeColor C: BackMode D: BackGround 7. Which of the following is true about comments? A: Proper syntax must be used B: Certain reserved keywords must not be used C: Any letters or characters can be used D: All of the above 8. ___ is the set of instructions written by a developer that direct a program to carry out processing. A: Debugging B: A trigger C: A Button D: Program code 9. IntelliSense displays all allowable entries you can make in a Visual Basic statement each time a(n) ____ is typed. A: special character required for the
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chapter 3 quiz questions - 1 Use the key to move the...

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