chapter 7 quiz questions

chapter 7 quiz questions - 1 The prefix for the name of a...

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1. The prefix for the name of a DropDownList object in Visual Basic is ____. A: drl B: dnl C: dpl D: ddl 2. The prefix used for the RequiredFieldValidator is ____. A: rfd B: req C: rqv D: rfv 3. The prefix for the CompareValidator object is ____. A: cpv B: cpr C: cmv D: cva 4. The ____ procedure removes spaces from the beginning and end of a string. A: Concatenate B: Cut C: Trim D: Space 5. A ____ computer runs the Web browser that requests a Web page from the Web server and displays the page. A: client-side B: server-side C: primary-side D: browser -side 6. A(n) ____ is basically defined as a nondisplaying page. A: auto page B: browser C: standard page D: master page 7. By default, the Master site has two buttons: ____. 8. The ____ object allows users to select one item from a predefined list. A: DropDownList B: ListBox C: TextBox D: CheckBox 9. The ____ control tests whether an input value falls within a given range. A: RangeValidator B: RangeChecker C: ControlValidator D: CheckRange 10. Which of the following properties of the RegularExpressionValidator control allows the user to select the format for the object? A: ControlToFormat B: FormatToValidate C: FormatExpression D: ValidationExpression 11. The ____ procedure converts a string to all lowercase. A: LowerCase B: TrimLower C: Lower D: ToLower 12. The ASP.NET 4.0 technology used with Visual Basic 2010 creates a(n) ____. A: home server page
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chapter 7 quiz questions - 1 The prefix for the name of a...

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