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Nowadays, learning foreign languages is becoming more important. However learning a new foreign language can be difficult. Especially for the people who do not have time or doesn’t even bother to get study again because they think that everyone should understand English so it is not necessary to learn another language. First of all learning a foreign language can have lots of advantages one of the advantages is it can communicate across cultures with people who speak that languages. You can travel to places where that language is spoken and feel of how everyday they lived because you can understand what people are saying in the tongue they use to communicate about their daily lives . This can help in socialize with them and can improve your language by practicing talking with the locals. On the other hand, having knowledge of a foreign language will come to use when it comes to business purposes.
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Unformatted text preview: Furthermore, speaking foreign language also helps you gain the trust of international business people in job because if you can speak their native language they will feel more comfortable to talk to during the sales or convincing the customer. Other than that through the learning of foreign language also can experience another culture you will most likely to able to experience a greater understanding of the foreign country and their culture such as able to consume foreign art, literature and information more easily. Additionally you will be treating well by the locals because they see you made an effort to learn their languages. In conclusion, it is good to learn foreign language because nowadays there is a keen competition among all people in the whole world so we need to improve ourselves by learning a foreign language as to seek for a better job and have a better future....
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