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University of Virginia, MSE 4270/6270: Introduction to Atomistic Simulations, Leonid Zhigilei Homework #5 (page 1 of 2) 1. Using the same FCC crystal that you used in homework #3 (5x5x5 unit cells, 500 atoms, a fcc = 5.78 Å), perform two simulations, one below the melting temperature T m , another at T = 1.5T m . Use the value of T m that you found in homework #3, not the experimental one. Run the simulations for a time sufficient to collect data for the calculation of the diffusion coefficient. 2. Using Einstein relation calculate the diffusion coefficient, D, for the two temperatures. Attach plots that are used in the calculations. 3. Pick a few (2-3) particles and plot their trajectories (e.g. a projection of the trajectory to a 2D plane plotted for a time equal to several periods of atomic vibrations) for the two simulations described in task #1. Discuss , relate to the plots of mean square displacements and values of D that you calculated in task #2. 4.
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Homework5 - Homework #5 (page 1 of 2) Objective:...

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