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HW8 AASHTO Safe Road - With your measured quantities...

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SUR 4201 Route Geometrics Homework AASTHO Safe Highways You are to find a road that you "suspect" is substandard from an AASHTO design viewpoint. It may be anywhere -- here in this area, or near home. Your investigation should begin with a feeling of insecurity or an observation of some apparent unsafe condition related to the geometric configuration of curvature, sight distance, superelevation. Once you find a suspect road, you must choose the particular AASHTO standard that you are going to check. Gather geometric data about the road, measure sight distance available, estimate radius, etc. Use approximate methods, and use utmost care for safety.
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Unformatted text preview: With your measured quantities, evaluate whether the AASHTO code is met. Come to a conclusion -- road is safe, road is unsafe, or too close to call. Submit: A MSWord report of your investigation: I. Explain the road section chosen, location, nature of suspicion, sketch, downloaded map, or *.jpg photo insert if appropriate. II. Summarize the AASHTO code that applies, you may refer to the Green Book or our course lectures for this. III. Explain the data you gathered. IV. Show the evaluation of AASHTO standards for that site. V. Conclusion. The write-up should be 1 1/2 to 2 pages double spaced....
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