Psych 350 - Chapter 1 Notes

Psych 350 - Chapter 1 Notes - Difference Adolescents - the...

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Difference Adolescents - the person Adolescence - the period in life Pains in the ass Moody Peer pressure Rebellious Misunderstood Vulnerable Adults question their decision-making Sex-obsessed Hormonal A Form of Temporary Insanity? Erratic Behavior Mood swing Identity crisis Anxiety Adolescent Generational Gap Adolescents are perceived by adults and professionals as more distressed than they really are Youth in every generation has seemed radical Defining Adolescence Bridge between childhood and adulthood The period after puberty but before adult roles are taken It's a relatively new term Culturally Constructed - each culture decides when it starts, ends, what the expectations are, etc Age Range ADOLESCENCE STARTS AT 10 WITH OR WITHOUT PUBERTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adolescence - 10-18 Emerging Adulthood - 18-25 Generations Baby boomers - mid 1940s-mid 1960s Generation X - 1960s-1980s Generation Y/Millennials - 1980s-2000 Generation ? -> will be W for our class A Cultural Construct Almost all cultures recognize it as a period Length, content, daily experience is different for everyone Historical change is also culture change Societal Changes Facing Adolescents Prolongation of adolescence Evolving communication and information technology
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Evolving world of work and consumption Evolving educational imperatives Evolving family Evolving values of sexuality Evolving concerns for health and safety
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Psych 350 - Chapter 1 Notes - Difference Adolescents - the...

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