Psych 350 - Chapter 5 Notes

Psych 350 - Chapter 5 Notes - 1. Sex refers to the...

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1. Sex refers to the biological status of being male or female 2. Gender refers to the social categories of male and female 3. Adolescents and Gender in Traditional Culture o Boys and girls often spend very little time in each other's presence o They are divided o From Girl to Woman Girls usually work alongside their mother Help with younger siblings By adolescence girls have learned skills Boys usually have more contact with peers than girls Girls are subject to the hierarchy Achieved through biology (menarche) o From Boy to Man Has to be achieved, but can be failed at also Many cultures have words for failed man Boys must provide, protect, and procreate 4. Adolescents and Gender in American History o From Girl to Woman In 18 and 19th centuries girls were more constricted Viewed as fragile and innocent Intellectual work was considered "unhealthy," thinking would draw energy from ovaries and to the brain which would endanger her health Thought incapable of strenuous work Sexuality was restricted Need of older women to protect all younger women from the perils of sex o From Boy to Man 17th and 18th centuries had communal manhood - preparing boys for adult roles in work and marriage. 19th century - self-made manhood - more men left for work without family ties. Expected to become more independent 20th century - passionate manhood - individualism increased. Passionate emotions such as anger and sexual desire became regarded more favorable as part of the manhood ideal. Self-expression and self-enjoyment replaced self-control and self-denial In 20th century there were more places/clubs for boys and girls to hang out together 5. Socialization and Gender in the West
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Psych 350 - Chapter 5 Notes - 1. Sex refers to the...

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