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Psych 350 - Chapter 9 Notes - 1 Love o o The Changing Forms...

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1. Love o The Changing Forms of Adolescent Love Before 1970s there was "Dating" Boy asked girl to a well-defined event, ie, a movie, sports event, school dance Boy picked up girl at house and would tell parents what time he would be home They would go and he would bring her back at the right time Today dating is less formal "going with" "hanging with" or "seeing" someone represent less formality Usually know each other as friends before they start dating o The Developmental Course of Adolescent Love By 11th grade most adolescents have had a romantic relationship at some point Love Relationships follows a developmental sequence First step - Adolescents in same gender groups go to places where they will see other-gender groups like malls, and fast-food restaurants Second step - Adolescents take part in social gatherings arranged by adults such as parties and school dances that include interactions between boys and girls Third step - Mixed-gender groups arrange to go to some particular event together such as a movie Fourth Step - adolescent couples begin to date as pairs in activities such as movies, dinners, concerts, or just hanging out. This pattern continues throughout emerging adulthood Why they form love relationships Learning - becoming more skilled at dating interactions Status - impressing other by how often one dates and whom Companionship - sharing pleasurable activities with another person Intimacy - establishing a close emotional relationship with another person Courtship - seeking someone to have as a steady partner Changes with age In early adolescence and late adolescence recreation was the most important, then intimacy than status In College intimacy was highest then companionship with recreation a bit lower, and status much lower What they look for in a partner Middle adolescence Boys - look for physical attractiveness Girls - emphasize interpersonal qualities such as support and intimacy Late adolescence
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Both males & females - similar in support, intimacy, communication, commitment and passion Dating Scripts Dating Scripts - cognitive model that guide interactions in adolescents' love relationships are still highly influenced by gender with the power mostly on the side of boys Proactive script - males still follow - initiating the love relationship, suggesting what they do, decide where they go, controlling the public domain (car) and initiating sexual contact Reactive script - females follow - focuses on private domain (getting dressed up), responding to male's gestures in the public domain and responding to his sexual initiatives. Most adolescent girls are reluctant to be the initiator although they
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Psych 350 - Chapter 9 Notes - 1 Love o o The Changing Forms...

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