Understanding Plagiarism

Understanding Plagiarism - Explain what you must do when...

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Define Plagiarism. Explain what type(s) of information you must acknowledge and document in your written assignments. Plagiarism is when someone uses another person’s work without acknowledging the source. You have to give the author proper credit for their ideas. If you are using recycled work of your own you have to acknowledge that as well. Identify the type(s) of information that does not require a source citation. The only type of information that does not require a source citation is common knowledge. Common knowledge is something that is not a fact; it is something that is known.
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Unformatted text preview: Explain what you must do when you borrow the exact words of someone else in your paper. When you borrow the exact words from someone else, you must cite the source in text, put parentheses around the quote, and on the reference page. You must also make sure you have the correct information for that source when you cite them. Explain what you must do when you paraphrase. When you paraphrase, it is borrowed information, and you must place an in-text citation and cite the source....
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