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Evaluating Research Information - used This is important...

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 Identify what you look for in order to determine if a website would be a suitable source for an academic paper.  Indicate factors that would cause you to not use a website. When I am doing research for a paper, I make sure the website I am looking at is up to date and has facts. If it does not have any references then it is not a credible site and I will not use it. Discuss the criteria you would use to evaluate which websites might be most appropriate for you to use and why these criteria are important. I would look and make sure the website has references and they state where the reference was
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Unformatted text preview: used. This is important because if you get information from a site that doesn’t tell their sources then it is just opinions and not facts. Provide an example of a suitable source and an unsuitable source. Provide rationale for your choices. Www.cdc.gov is a suitable source because it provides actual information from different doctors and government agencies. Www.wikipedia.com is an unsuitable source because it is full of opinions and anyone can post on this site....
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