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Developing and Limiting a Research Topic

Developing and Limiting a Research Topic - The only...

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Reveal the topic you have selected. The topic I have chosen for my research assignment is Childhood obesity. The reason I chose this topic is because it is a big issue in today’s society and I would like to learn more about it so my children don’t suffer from it. Explain how you plan to effectively limit the topic. I plan on limiting my topic by stating the facts and taking my time to dig through all the important information and pulling out the necessary facts. Identify obstacles you encountered while searching for background information or while conducting preliminary research to limit the topic.
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Unformatted text preview: The only obstacle I encountered when searching for background information to limit my topic was that there were so many sources that had information, I struggled to decide where to get my information from. Offer suggestions to help your classmates limit their chosen topic and overcome difficulties they may have had conducting research in your responses to others. The only suggestions I have for my classmates is to pick a topic that you are comfortable with and don’t get too carried away with the information....
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