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week 5 lecture notes - LCR Chapter 6 Psychological...

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Loyalty, Provincialism, and the Herd Instinct - The two fundamental factors in success since the beginning of time: 1. The success of the groups we belong to in their competitions with other groups – the basis for loyalty 2. Others in the group allow us reasonable chances for success in what we chose to do – the basis for the herd instinct (which can lead to mob mentality) - We all wish for at least a minimal status in the groups to which we belong - The higher the status, the better our chances - Human nature Fnds it easy and natural to believe what others believe and to think foolish what others Fnd foolish - Provincialism = the natural tendency to identify with behaviors favored by the groups with which we identify - Culture lag = the tendency of practices and beliefs to persist long after the conditions that made them useful or sensible have disappeared Examples: - provincialism: supporting a political candidate of the same ethnicity, religious background, sex, etc., mainly for that very reason - herd instinct: supporting a political candidate because your friends and family support that candidate LCR: Chapter 6 - Psychological Impediments to Cogent Thinking 1
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Prejudice, Stereotypes, Scapegoats, and Partisan Mind- sets - Loyalty and provincialism lead to prejudice - Prejudice = thinking ill of others without sufFcient warrant. - Stereotypes support prejudicial beliefs - The opposite of prejudice is over-tolerance of the defects and foibles of our own group and members - Scapegoats – members of a group who we blame for various ills – reinforce prejudice when in fact we ourselves
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week 5 lecture notes - LCR Chapter 6 Psychological...

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