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Quiz8 - UBX Venus FP Nt- -Ct Write out the-9 to 9...

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Quiz#8 LC710 10/20/10 name___________ Q1 (3pts) :I have the UBX homeodomain sequence and want to determine ( in vivo ) the optimal binding sites. I know that TAATTG is a good in vitro binding site and know that TAAT is absolutely reguired for UBX binding. Using the two plasmids below (you may modify them at will) and a third one that you need to make, please design a clever experiment to look for the best binding sites. Red F.P. Green F.P. CMVp MCS Please add modifications to plasmids CMV is Eukaryotic promoter #1 #2 #3 is TATA minimal promoter Please write it in the form of an outline
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Q2: (2pt) Below is the UBX DNA binding portion of the protein. You want to fuse it Venus FP. : Nt-RRRGRQTYTRYQTLELEKEFHTNHYLTRRRRIEMAHALCLTERQIKIWFQNRRMKLKKEIQ* -Ct
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Unformatted text preview: UBX: Venus FP: Nt-MVSKGEELFTGVVPILVELDGDVNGHKFSVSGEGEGDATYGKLTLKLICT TGKLPVPWPTLVTTLGYGLQCFARYPDHMKQHDFFKSAMPEGYVQERTIF FKDDGNYKTRAEVKFEGDTLVNRIELKGIDFKEDGNILGHKLEYNYNSHN VYITADKQKNGIKANFKIRHNIEDGGVQLADHYQQNTPIGDGPVLLPDNH YLSYQSALSKDPNEKRDHMVLLEFVTAAGITLGMDELYK*-Ct Write out the -9 to +9 nucleotides around the junction 5’ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 3’ Q3: (2pt) You want to mutate Phe3 to Tyr3 in Venus FP. Briefly List two Different techniques to achieve this mutation. Which is faster A or B? A) B) Genetic Code Phe-TTC Leu-CTG Ile-ATC Met-ATG Val-GTG Ser-TCT Pro-CCC Thr-ACT Ala-GCC Tyr-TAT His-CAT Gln-CAA Asn-AAT Lys-AAA Asp-GAT Glu-GAA Cys-TCT Trp-TGG Arg-CGA Gly-GGT *(stop)-TAA...
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Quiz8 - UBX Venus FP Nt- -Ct Write out the-9 to 9...

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