Tentative Syllabus 710.LC MolecularBiology

Critically read published papers pre req advanced

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Unformatted text preview: Critically read published papers. Pre-Req: Advanced Biology coursework: i.e. Biology and Biochemistry Majors. August 30th, 2010 Sept 1st, 2010 Sept 13th, 2010 (MG) Lecture 1: Amino acids together with buffer/pK/acid-base chem review (MG) Lecture 2: Protein folding (MG) Lecture 3: Protein analytic methods Sept 15th, 2010 (MG) Quiz covering Lectures 1-3 (1st hr of class: 12.5% of grade) (PF) Lecture 4: Introduction (2nd hr of class) Sept 20th, 2010 Sept 22nd, 2010 Sept 27th, 2010 Sept 29th, 2010 Oct 4th, 2010 (PF) Lecture 5: (PF) Lecture 6 and Quiz 1: 4% of grade (PF) Lecture 7 and Quiz 2: 4% of grade (PF) Lecture 8 and Quiz 3: 4% of grade (PF) Lecture 9 and Quiz 4: 4% of grade Oct 6th, 2010 Oct 13th, 2010 Oct 18th, 2010 Oct 20th, 2010 Oct 25th, 2010 Oct 27th, 2010 Nov 1st, 2010 Nov 8th, 2010 Nov 10th, 2010 Nov 15th, 2010 Nov 17th, 2010 Nov 22nd, 2010 Nov 24th, 2010 Nov 29th, 2010 Dec 1st, 2010 Dec 6th, 2010 Dec 8th, 2010 Dec 13th, 2010 Dec 20th, 2010 (PF) Lecture 10 and Quiz 5: 4% of grade (PF) Lecture 11 and Quiz 6: 4% of grade (PF) Lecture 12 and Quiz 7: 4% of grade (PF) Lecture 13 and Quiz 8: 4% of grade (PF) Lecture 14 and Quiz 9: 4% of grade (PF) Lecture 15 and Quiz 10: 4% of grade (PF) Lecture 16: and Quiz 11: 4% of grade (PF) Lecture 17: Recitation for Homework (MG) Lecture 18: (MG) Lecture 19: (MG) Lecture 20: (MG) Lecture 21: (MG) Lecture 22: (MG) Lecture 23: (MG) Lecture 24: (PF) Homework Due (10% of grade) (MG) Lecture 25: (MG) Lecture 26: (MG) Lecture 27: (MG) Final Exam (37.5% of grade) "Hunter College regards acts of academic dishonesty (e.g., plagiarism, cheating on examinations, obtaining unfair advantage, and falsification of records and official documents) as serious offenses against the values of intellectual honesty. The College is committed to enforcing the CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity and will pursue cases of academic dishonesty according to the Hunter College Academic Integrity Procedures." If I find you are dishonest in your lecture work you will be reported....
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