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EML 4147C 1. Atmospheric humid air enters a cooling tower at a volumetric flow rate of 44.9 m 3 /s and under 1 atm with dry- and wet-bulb temperatures of 22 o C and 16 o C, respectively, and leaves at 34 o C with a relative humidity of 90%. The cooling water enters the tower at 40 o C with a flow rate of 60 kg/s. You can use the psychrometric chart or theoretical equations to determine (a) specific humidity (humidity ratio) and relative humidity at air inlet, (b) water exit temperature from the cooling tower, and (c) what is the heating rate required to bring the exit water plus the make up water (available at 25 o C) to the inlet condition of 40 o C ? Assume the water is at saturated liquid state. 2. A heating-humidification system operates at a total pressure of 1 atm and consists of a heating section that is followed by a humidifier. The humidifier supplies saturated water vapor at 100
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Unformatted text preview: o C. Humid air enters the heating section at 10 o C and 70% relative humidity with a volumetric flow rate of 70 m 3 /min and it leaves the humidifying section at 20 o C and 60% relative humidity. Determine (a) the temperature and relative humidity of air when it leaves the heating section (b) the rate of heat transfer in the heating section, and (c) the rate at which water vapor is added to the air in the humidifying section. 3. A tank contains 21 kg of dry air and 0.3 kg of water vapor at 30 o C and under a total pressure of 100 kPa. Determine (a) the specific humidity (b) the relative humidity and (c) the volume of the tank. 4. After a long walk in the 8 o C outdoors, a person wearing glasses enters a room at 25 o C and 40% relative humidity. Please perform a calculation to determine whether the glasses will become fogged. Explain your result....
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