examf(2) - PHY 4604 Fall 2010 Final Exam DO NOT TURN THE...

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PHY 4604 Fall 2010 — Final Exam DO NOT TURN THE PAGE UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO Instructions: Attempt all three questions. The maximum possible credit for each ques- tion is shown in square brackets. Please try to write neatly! You will receive credit only for knowledge and understanding that you demonstrate in your written solutions. It is in your best interest to write down something relevant for every question, even if you can’t provide a complete answer. To maximize your score, you should briefly explain your reasoning and show all working. (This is true even in the case of the multiple-choice questions.) Give all final algebraic answers in terms of variables defined in the problem and standard quantities such as ¯ h (the reduced Planck constant), e (the magnitude of the electronic charge), c (the velocity of light in a vacuum), and ± 0 (the permittivity of free space). During this exam, you may use the formula sheet provided on the back page of this exam, your own three formula sheets, and an electronic calculator. You are not permitted (a) to consult any other books, notes, or papers, (b) to use any electronic device other than a calculator, or (c) to communicate with anyone other than the proctor. In accordance with the UF Honor Code, by turning in this exam to be graded, you affirm the following pledge: On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment.
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examf(2) - PHY 4604 Fall 2010 Final Exam DO NOT TURN THE...

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