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= 3.03 X lo", (Ans): = 7.34/8 = hown that this snt. The cross- ind pipe (A = eter = ttD 3 "ficient shapes. n in pipes and rious practical rather simple i idea involved / system, with ients. We will length may be larallel, series, y on which of the dependent hown in Table ed in terms of ves needed to Type III Given Determine "•TO"* . Example 8.8 (TYPE I, DETERMINE PRESSURE DROP) £ fUd rf*^^*' ***^" 8.5 Pipe Flow Examples 509 convey the fluid between the desired locations. In all instances we assume the fluid properties are given. Ina Type I problem we specify the desired flowrate oraverage velocity and determine the necessary pressure difference orhead loss. For example, if a flowrate of2.0 gal/min is required for a dishwasher that isconnected to the water heater by a given pipe system, what pressure is neededin the water heater? InaType IIproblem we specify the applied driving pressure (or, alternatively, the head loss) and determine the flowrate. For example, how many gal/min ofhot water are supplied to the dishwasher if the pressure within the water heater is60psiand the pipe system details (length, diameter, roughness of the pipe; number of elbows; etc.) are specified? Ina Type III problem we specify the pressure drop and the flowrate and determine the diameter ofthe pipe needed. For example, what diameter ofpipe is needed between the water heater and dishwasher if the pressure in the water heater is 60 psi (determined by the city water system) and the flowrate is to be not less than 2.0 gal/min (determined by the manu facturer)? Several examples of these types of problems follow. Water at 60 °F flows from the basement to the second floor through the 0.75-in. (0.0625-ft-)- diameter copper pipe (a drawn tubing) at a rate of Q = 12.0 gal/min = 0.0267 ft3/s and exits through a faucet of diameter 0.50 in. as shown in Fig. E8.8a. Determine the pressure at
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CWR4202_EGL_with_losses_02 - "TO fUd rf*^*^ 8.5 Pipe Flow...

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