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CWR 4202 – Hydraulics Spring 2012 Name____________________ Assignment 2 (Due Tuesday, January 31, at beginning of class) Problem 1 A horizontal pipe 0.3 m in diameter has an available pressure drop of 100 N/m2 to drive a flow rate of 0.5 m/s across a length of 100 m. What shear stress will be developed on the inner surface of the pipe by this flow condition? Problem 2 A rectangular channel 5 m wide carries a discharge of 10 m 3 /s at a uniform depth of 3 m. The channel has a bed slope of 0.0025 m/m. Assuming that the channel bed slope is equivalent to the slope of the energy gradeline, estimate the wall shear stress and friction velocity. (Assume the density of flowing water is 1000 kg/m 3 ). Problem 3 A trapezoidal channel is carrying water at a normal depth of 5.2 ft. The channel has a bottom width of 10 ft and side slopes of 2H to 1V. The bed slope of the channel is 0.005 ft/ft. What
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Unformatted text preview: is the shear stress in lb/ft 2 exerted on the channel bed by this flow? Problem 4 A rectangular concrete channel is 3 m wide and 2 m high. The water (at 20 °C) in the main channel is 1.5 m deep and is flowing at a rate of 30 m 3 /s. Determine the flow area, wetted perimeter, and hydraulic radius. Is the flow laminar or turbulent? Problem 5 The total head loss is the sum of frictional losses and local losses, thus: l f H H H ∆ + ∆ = ∆ Assuming that flow is smooth turbulent and the Hazen-Williams power formula applies, develop the equations for ∆ H f and H l assuming you know the flow Q, the cross sectional area A of the circular pipe, and the length of the pipe, L. Write your answer in terms of Q, A, and L. Assuming H is known derive, an iterative equation for diameter d where we expect frictional losses to dominate....
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