assign2 - file name(majrds.shp Public Lands Survey System...

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University of Florida, Urban & Regional Planning Department URP 4273: Survey of Planning Information Systems, Juna Goda Papajorgji ASSIGNMENT 2 This assignment will help you reinforce the skills that you have already acquired and will make you familiar with some GIS layers for Alachua County. The datasets you will use are located at the Geolab's network path ~\Shared\assignment_data\assign2. From ArcCatalog use the Connect to Folder button (second from left) to connect to the data. You should see smth similar to this dialog. You will be looking for eight shapefiles located under the directory alachua_core : County Boundary, file name (cntbnd.shp) Conservation Areas A, file name (fnaica.shp) Conservation Areas B, file name (fnaicb.shp) Conservation Areas C, file name (fnaicc.shp) Major Roads,
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Unformatted text preview: file name (majrds.shp) Public Lands Survey System, file name (plss.shp) Points of Interest, file name (ptsint.shp) In ArcMap, once you have brought in all of the layers, highlight the layer County Boundary, click over Properties, and create a Definition Query on Name = Alachua . Then create a map of Alachua County with all these datasets as best you think. Change symbology for each dataset and place labels if you want. Once you have changed symbology for each layer, create a layer file for each, saving them in your student directory. Once you have saved all of the layer files, remove all of the data from your project and bring in all of the layer files you just saved. Save the map in your student directory naming it assign2.mxd and be ready to show and defend it on the screen....
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  • Spring '08
  • Papajorgji
  • conservation areas, Alachua county, regional planning department, layer County Boundary, Juna Goda Papajorgji

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assign2 - file name(majrds.shp Public Lands Survey System...

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