Assign_sa - adding the extra steps needed to accommodate the slope criterion Extra steps you will add to the Spatial Analyst tutorial In Step 2 you

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University of Florida, School of Landscape Architecture and Planning URP 4273: Survey of Planning Information Systems, Juna Goda Papajorgji SPATIAL ANALYST HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT In the suitability model that we developed during the Spatial Analyst tutorial for the location of a new school, we did not use the Elevation grid in our analysis (although we used it to create a hillshade) . For this homework assignment you will use the Elevation grid to expand the suitability model into including slope as a fourth criterion. Our school should be located in less steeper slopes. Your task is to rebuild the suitability model following step by step the Spatial Analyst tutorial and
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Unformatted text preview: adding the extra steps needed to accommodate the slope criterion. Extra steps you will add to the Spatial Analyst tutorial: In Step 2 you will derive Slope from Elevation going under Surface > Slope and using the same Z value as in Step 1. In Step 3 you will reclass the derived Slope in 10 classes with 10 being the most suitable. In Step 4 you will add the reclassed Slope to the suitability grid but you will not weight it. The final results of your new suitability model should be different from the one we developed with the Spatial Analyst tutorial. Be prepared to show and to explain your results to the teacher....
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