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Jew Essays 1) Jason (the brother of Onias III) secured the high priesthood for himself by paying off Antiochus IV Epiphanes. He also made several requests which Antiochus granted. Exactly what requests did Jason make, and what were the immediate consequences and long-term significance of his actions? I. Jason goes behind Onias III’s back and paid Antiochus for the high priesthood. 1. He also built a gym for youth, an Ephebeion, and made the Jews citizens of Antioch. 2. Jerusalem became more greek-like. It became a greek polis and Greek law replaced Jewish law. 3. Jason decided which citizens would be granted Greek citizenship. (No religious conservatives or Ptolemaic sympathizers.) 4. There was no evidence of opposition nor prohibition of Jewish practice B. Jason sent Menelaus to to Antiochus to make a payment. While there, Menelaus was able to buy the high priesthood. C. Jason was the last Zadok to be high priest. D. Antiochus eventually outlawed Judaism and implements Greek culture in 167 BC. 2) Describe the works of 1 and 2 Maccabees – their dates of composition, what we
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Midterm_2_Essays - Jew Essays 1) Jason (the brother of...

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