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STUDY ESSAY QUESTIONS FOR MID-TERM EXAMINATION II 1) Jason (the brother of Onias III) secured the high priesthood for himself by paying off Antiochus IV Epiphanes. He also made several requests which Antiochus granted. Exactly what requests did Jason make, and what were the immediate consequences and long-term significance of his actions? He also offered additional money for the authority to set up a gymnasium for youth (ephebeion) to enroll the people of Jerusalem as citizens of Antioch. Immediate consequences: Jerusalem became a Greek polis and Greek law replaced Jewish law as law of the land. Jason got to choose who could become a citizen. Jason was the last Zadokite to be high priest. Long term, when Menelaus took over by offering more money than Jason to Antiochus the IV, Jason fled to Ammon. When Antiochus went to Egypt to take over the Ptolemies, he was stopped by the Romans. Jason hears rumors that Antiochus was dead, comes back, since Antiochus was the one who was accepting the bribes. Jason gets some followers to help him try and regain high priesthood since he was a Zadok, and then Antiochus came back and was mad at this revolt, decided Judaism was the source of this and banned Judaism forcing everyone to go Greek. 2) Describe the works of 1 and 2 Maccabees – their dates of composition, what we know about
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reli106studyessayII-11 - STUDY ESSAY QUESTIONS FOR MID-TERM...

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