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MECHANICS OF THE HUMAN LOCOMOTOR SYSTEM EML 5595 - FALL 2010 SEGMENT MONTH DAY TOPIC Systems-level Modeling August 23 B.J. Fregly 25 OpenSim Overview Delp et al. (2007) B.J. Fregly 27 Systems-level Modeling Overview Zajac (1993) B.J. Fregly 30 Systems-level Modeling Approaches Buchanan et al. (2004) Erdemir et al. (2007) B.J. Fregly September 1 Clinically Useful Locomotion Measures Wang et al. (1990) Lin et al. (2006) B.J. Fregly Multijoint Dynamics 3 Introduction to Simulation Lab 1 Pandy et al. (1990) B.J. Fregly 6 Labor Day 8 Inverse Kinematic Analysis Lu and O'Connor (1999) B.J. Fregly 10 Inverse Dynamic Analysis Remy and Thelen (2009) B.J. Fregly 13 Forward Dynamic Simulations Gilchrist and Winter (1997) B.J. Fregly 15 Advanced Dynamic Analyses Fregly and Zajac (1996) Higginson et al. (2006) Ryan Akin Abdullah Abbasi 17 Forward vs. Inverse Dynamic Optimization Peasgood et al. (2007) Fregly et al. (2007) Ira Hill David Walker 20 Subject-Specific Cost Functions Liu et al. (2005)
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