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JOURNAL ARTICLE REVIEWS The goal of the journal article reviews is to help you become familiar with contemporary research issues in musculoskeletal modeling and simulation while simultaneously developing your critical and independent thinking skills. In your academic career, it will be important to develop an effective writing style that allows you to publish your work in peer-reviewed journals. Reviewing papers written by others is good practice for developing your own writing skills. For each article review, you should seek to summarize succinctly the main points the authors are making and identify the strengths, weaknesses, and future directions of the work. These goals will be achieved through two avenues: 1) A presentation to the class. This task will normally take the form of a PowerPoint presentation, though feel free to use other methods instead if they will facilitate learning. Limit your presentation to 20 minutes with 8-10 slides. Seek to engage the rest of the class in the discussion by posing questions and/or in-class exercises and by being creative in your mode of delivery (e.g., setup a debate or panel discussion about the article). 2) A one page written review handed in to the instructor (single spaced, 12 point Times New Roman). These reviews are to be in your own words, although discussion with your classmates prior to turning in the assignment is encouraged. The written review format should use the following template: General Comments Is the article clearly written? Is the study original and an important contribution to the literature? What is your overall impression? Title and Abstract Does the title accurately describe the study? Is the abstract informative enough that it can stand alone as an accurate summary of the research? Are the abstract's conclusions supported by the results? Introduction What was the author’s purpose in writing this article, and do they present a solid rationale for it? What new “twist” were the authors adding to the investigation of this problem? Are the study objectives clearly stated? Methods
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Review_Instructions - JOURNAL ARTICLE REVIEWS The goal of...

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