erdemir et al 2007 use emg data for model evaluation

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Unformatted text preview: t;EMGEMGEMG approaches." Erdemir et al. (2007) use EMG data for model evaluation, evaluation, while Buchanan et al (2004) use al. EMG data for model calibration. calibration. Buchanan et al. (2004) spend more time describing modeling of muscle activation and contraction dynamics than do Erdemir et al. (2007). Erdemir et al (2007) Overview al. Musculoskeletal dynamics Equations of motion Musculoskeletal geometry g y Muscle modeling Forward vs. inverse dynamic solutions Muscle force estimation Inverse dynamics optimization methods Forward dynamics optimization methods Optimal control methods Alternate methods (mainly EMG-driven) ( y EMG) Challenges Musculskeletal Dynamics Musculoskeletal Geometry Muscle Moment Arms Muscle Modeling Forward vs. Inverse Dynamic Solutions Forward vs. Inverse Dynamic Solutions Muscle Force Estimation Muscle Force Estimation Alternate Methods Leave discussion of EMG-driven approaches EMGto Buchanan et al. (2004). Challenges Predicting temporal characteristics of EMG p g p profiles does not guarantee accurately calculated muscle forces. Ac...
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