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26.16 Consider the circuit shown in the figure to the right. The current though the 6.00- Ω resistor is 4.00 A , in the direction shown. What are the currents through the 25.0- Ω and 20.0- Ω resistors?
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26.32 In the circuit shown to the right both batteries have insignificant internal resistance and the idealized ammeter reads 1.50 A in the direction shown. Find the emf ξ of the indicated battery. Is the polarity shown correct?
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A Multirange Voltmeter The figure to the rightshows the internal wiring of
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Unformatted text preview: a “three-scale” voltmeter whose binding posts are marked +, 3.00 V , 15.0 V , and 150 V . When the meter is connected to the circuit being measured, one connection is made to the post marked + and the other to the post marked with desired voltage range. Resistance of the moving coil, R G , is 40.0 Ω and a current of 1.00 mA causes it to deflect full scale. Find resistances R 1 , R 2 , and R 3 , and the overall resistance of the meter on each of its ranges....
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p240+feb+15+discussion+problems - a “three-scale”...

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