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22.32 Two very large non-conducting plastic sheets, each 10.0 cm thick, carry uniform charge densities σ 1 , σ 2 , σ 3 , and σ 4 on their surfaces, as shown in the figure to the right. These surface charge densities have the values σ 1 =-6.00 μC /m 2 , σ 2 =+5.00 μC /m 2 , σ 3 = +5.00 μC /m 2 , and σ 4 =+4.00 μC /m 2 . Use Gauss’s law to find the magnitude and direction of the electric field at the following points, far from the edges of the sheets: (a) Point A, 5.00 cm from the left face of the left- hand sheet; (b) point B, 1.25 cm from the inner surface of the right-hand sheet; (c) Point C, in the middle of the right hand sheet.
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22.56 A Uniformly Charged Slab . A slab of insulating material has thickness 2 d and is oriented so that its faces are parallel to the y-z plane, and given by the planes x=d and x=-d . The y- and z- directions of the slab are very large compared to d and may be treated as essentially infinite. The slab has a uniform charge density p.
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p240+jan+23+discussion+problems - 22.32Two very large...

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