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PS 1 answers, prob 14 - of a base pair at position A 3(1...

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Problem 14. On a planet in a galaxy far away you discover life. Proteins on this planet are constructed from 200 unique amino acids; however, DNA on this planet is made up of the same 4 nucleotides as ours. A) What is the minimum number of bases per codon necessary for this system? 4 (4x4x4x4=256, which is more than enough to make 200 amino acids) B) Assuming the number of base pairs per codon you calculated in part A is true for the organisms on this planet, how many possible reading frames are there in double stranded DNA? In other words, if you don’t know where a start codon is, how many possible ways could you potentially read a double stranded piece of DNA? ( 3 points ) 8 (4 possible reading frames per strand) Coding sequence of Gene X C) Again assuming the number of base pairs per codon in part A is accurate, how many base pairs would you need to add at position B in the gene above to rescue the insertion
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Unformatted text preview: of a base pair at position A? 3 (1+3=4, restoring the frame) D) You find that the precise sequence of the region between C and D is vitally important for the function of protein X encoded by this gene. If a base pair is deleted at A, list all of the positions where insertions of nucleotides could rescue the function of the protein B and C, although full credit was given for the answer A, B, and C or “anywhere between A and C”. E) Again assuming the codon length in Part A, if you generated deletions in Gene X, which would be more likely to destroy the function of Protein X? Circle the best answer below. 1. A 12 base pair deletion between A and B 2. A 9 base pair deletion between B and C (This would throw the messasge out-of-frame before the important part of the gene) 3. A 5 base pair deletion upstream of the start codon 4. An 11 base pair deletion between E and the end of the gene A B C D E...
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