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PS 1 answers, probs 7+8+9

PS 1 answers, probs 7+8+9 - arg-F arg-G arg-F arg-H arg-G...

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Problem 7. You have four known deletion mutants for a single gene: W, X, Y and Z. Point mutations 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are all mutations in the same complementation group. Based on the recombination tests shown in the table below, draw map showing the deletions and point mutations. Please make the map as accurate as possible. _____________*____*___*__*__________*___*___________ !"""""" $""""""""""""""""" %""""""""""""""""" Problem 8. A) Take those strains that did not grow in minimal media and try to grow them in minimal media + lysine. If they now grow, you know that they are auxotrophic for lysine. B) Complementation tests can reveal how many different genes there are. C) 1 3 2 4 B > D > A > C > lysine Problem 9 . A) Compounds supplementing minimal media Mutant Strains Ornithine Citrulline Arg-Succ Arginine arg-F + + + arg-G + + arg-H +
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Unformatted text preview: arg-F; arg-G + + arg-F, arg-H + arg-G, arg-H + arg-F, arg-G, arg-H + B) You have mixed up the vials of your double and triple mutant strains (which have been growing in complete media) and discover that there is one vial that you forgot to label. You find that spores from that vial grow on minimal media supplemented with arginine, but not on media supplemented with ornithine, citrulline or arginino-succinate. List all of the possible strains that this could be. 1. arg-F, arg-H 2. arg-G, arg-H 3. arg-F, arg-G, arg-H C) You cross this mystery strain to the Arg-F single mutant to create a diploid. This diploid grows on minimal media. What was the mystery strain? The strain is arg-G, arg-H D) If you cross the mystery strain to the Arg-G mutant, which compounds will the resulting diploid be able to grow on? Arginino-Succinate and Arginine...
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